The all-new GSC TOURER

The Game Changer

The GSC Tourer is the next innovative step in golf course transport. This all new Golf Skate Caddy product is the result of years of customer-driven research and development, vast industry experience, as well as over a decade of experience in the market with the previous entries into the GSC product range. The GSC Tourer makes traversing any golf course easy, allowing its riders to cruise to their own ball at their own pace and time, without waiting for their co-player as in a traditional golf cart.

Golf Skate Caddy

About the new GSC Tourer


The GSC Tourer is engineered to carry a single-player plus a standard golf bag, through a full 18-hole round of golf with ease. Then, it simply plugs into a any standard power outlet and charges just like any traditional mobile device.

The dual folding mechanism has been carefully engineered to fold down to fit in most family vehicles using our stainless steel “eagle claw” combined with a heavy-duty aluminum pole. These key components enable our quick release mechanism – ensuring that no time is wasted deploying or storing the GSC Tourer.

Due to our diligence in product engineering, the GSC Tourer has been developed to exert a ground pressure force similar to a golfer on foot. It has been demonstrated that the GSC Tourer offers a significant reduction in course wear as opposed to traditional golf carts, which means a healthier surface on any course.

£1875 + VAT          Available Now in the UK or Ireland

€2150 + VAT          Contact Us for Orders or Enquiries

What the GSC Tourer

can offer you

27 Hole Range

A battery that holds a full day of charge, measured in real-world conditions.

Fast Charging

Reach a full store of charge in the GSC Tourer in just 5-6 hours with its safe and effective charging technology.


Weighing in at 36kg/80lbs with the battery, the GSC Tourer has an ideal size and weight to make transporting it easy.

What our customers are saying about the GSC Tourer

“Great Product, fun to ride and comes with a whole host of features as standard…Brilliant”

William Holt

Marlborough, Wiltshire

“Having researched the market I discovered the Golf Skate Caddy and quickly arranged a trial. Within moments of stepping on board I disappeared over the brow of the hill returning with a smile and my mind made up. It’s so easy to use and stable to ride. The Golf Skate Caddy has proved to be a real game changer for me”

Peter Jackson

Cobham, Surrey

“As recreation time becomes more and more precious we believe members will begin to expect a convenient single player transport vehicles. The Golf Skate Caddy seems set to fit that criteria and look forward to trialling the latest version at our club.”


Harrow Golf Club

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Golf Skate Caddy